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I am currently pursuing a Master's of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am a recent graduate of the University of Maryland and received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Currently, I am working on my business, Symbiont Health, which has raised about $100k to develop and test innovative fall detection techniques. My interests lie broadly in entrepreneurship and data science. My recent work uses machine learning to model elderly falls. Problems in this area that I'm currently excited about include:

(1) Clustering activities of daily living (ADLs) among senior adults
(2) Reducing dimensionality of my company's fall data
(3) Evaluating the fall detection model with meaningful scoring metrics

  • Apr. 2020: OS project on using multithreaded cache and proxy servers to better serve content with shared memory.
  • Mar. 2020: Graduate CS publication analyzing the effects on latency of TCP fast open, a mechanism that enables data exchange during the initiali handshake.
  • Feb. 2020: Multithreaded file server built with the standard PThreads libray in C as part of operating systems graduate coursework.
  • Dec. 2018: Final project on using SVM on fall dataset for Machine Learning gradaute course
  • Oct. 2018: Talk at Future of Care Conference on device firmware and won $1k award for best presentation
  • Aug. 2018: Granted acceptance into the prestigious Dorm Room Fund powered by First Round Capital with a large seed investment
  • Jun. 2018: Published in Washington Business Journal Article on the status of the company and testing progress
  • Jun. 2018: UMD research paper on non-wearable based fall detection through RF signals processing
  • May 2018: Published in Clark School of Engineering website regarding the new and improved fall detection alert system
  • May 2018: Paper using Python and Matlab to demonstrate digital control systems and optimal control
  • Apr. 2018: Presented RF device for non-wearable fall detection a and won $5k of funding
  • Apr. 2018: Published on the Maryland website regarding all accomplishments throughout college career
  • Mar. 2018: Presented my company at UMD's premiere pitch competition and won $15k of funding
  • Dec. 2017: Paper on IEEE advanced FPGA design with standard floating point processor implementation
  • Nov. 2017: Paper describing probability concepts through Bayesian approaches to quantitative finance
  • Jun. 2017: UMD research paper on wearable based fall detection using triaxial accelerometer and gyroscope
  • May 2017: Talk at UMD Computer Science Department's Fishbowl Competition and won $3k in funding
  • Apr. 2017: Presentation on my company's wearable to automatically detect elderly falls and won $4k in funding
  • Jan. 2017: Talk at University of Maryland on firmware programming with C
  • May 2016: Data Science intership started at NOAA developing a global change assessment model
  • Apr. 2016: Developed pill alerting wearable and won Computer Science Department competition
  • Nov. 2015: Founded technology company based on building smart headboards and won ~$15k in funding
  • May 2015: Software Engineering intern position at Synaptic building Java tools and working with Salesforce SOAP APIs
  • Aug. 2014: Received full, 4-year scholarship to University of Maryland (Banneker/Key) and awarded National Merit Scholarship

Georgia Insitutue of Technology, M.S. Computer Science -- COURSEWORK
  •      Fall 2019: Database Systems Concepts and Design
  •      Fall 2019: Software Development Process
  •      Spring 2020: Computer Networks
  •      Spring 2020: Graduate Operating Systems
  •      Summer 2020: Software Analysis
  •      Fall 2018 MISC: Applied Machine Learning with Python
  • University of Maryland, B.S. Electrical Engineering -- OVERVIEW      My past four years at UMD are summed up in an article. A list of my accomplishments are below.

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